Your company's involvement is key to creating a future of No More Victims®. As a Walk Like MADD sponsor, your employees and customers know that you are committed to helping keep them and their families safe.  Your participation and activation in Walk Like MADD plays a vital role in our efforts to eliminate these 100% preventable crimes.

The entire community sees your leadership and commitment to keeping our roads safe by:

· Event Sponsorship: There is a variety of giving levels in support of a Walk Like MADD event. An event sponsorship offers the most benefit, but we also offer sponsorship of specific zones or areas for targeted access.

· Corporate Teams: Your entire company can get involved and participate in the walk. Employees, vendors, and customers can all make your community safer by creating a Walk Like MADD team in your company’s name.

· In-Kind: Every gift makes an impact, and that includes any in-kind donations of food, water, or event-related merchandise and supplies. 

Click here to learn more about Walk Like MADD's reach potential and MADD's impact since our founding in 1980.

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