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 Why We Walk

AIDEN'S STORY. On September 4, 2021, 16-year old Aiden Tai Gossage was walking in a marked crosswalk—at the intersection of Los Coyotes Diagonal and Deborah Street (Long Beach, California)—when he was struck by a driver suspected of being impaired. Good Samaritans and peace officers performed life-saving measures to try to save Aiden. The speed at which the driver was operating his vehicle killed Aiden; he died of severe catastrophic injuries. The driver did not not apply his brakes until after he hit Aiden. Upon impact, Aiden was wedged onto the front hood of the car; the driver continued with him for over 150 feet before coming to a full stop. Aiden was then thrown another 10 feet. The markings on the street show the area of impact and Aiden's point of rest. Aiden's parents are grateful to the good Samaritans because they know that he was not alone when he died.

Why We Support MADD. The death of a child represents more than loss of life. It is the loss of future hopes, dreams, experiences shared by family and community. Aiden's family and friends miss him very much. He was kind and compassionate and had a way to connect with anyone, especially those who were sad or suffering. Aiden brought laughter and light to everyone he met. He represents the best in us. We are channeling our grief in positive ways. We support MADD because of its interest in changing legislation to eliminate drunk, drugged, and distracted driving.