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 Why We Walk

Gretchen D'Souza

Crash Anniversary: December 26, 2014


On December 26, 2014 I was a passenger in a car T-boned by a 23-year-old drunk driver. I suffered a C5/C6 incomplete spinal cord injury and became paralyzed from the neck down. This December I will be celebrating my 6-year life day. My family and I have been through a lot these past five years, all because someone chose to drink and drink. Currently, I am a fourth-year medical student, an advocate for disability rights, and a MADD volunteer. Despite the challenges that I face daily, I will not let this injury, or the action of a drunk driver define my life. I choose to move forward and advocate for change. I hope you will join me and my family as we walk to raise awareness toward a future with zero senseless drunk driving accidents. Stand up for those who can't! - Gretchen D'Souza