Why We Walk


My brother Somsack Khamvongsa was raised in a common household. He was married around the age of 30 and had 2 kids. Somsack was a hard worker with a good heart. On the night of May 12 2017, he was on his way home from work when he saw his co-worker Debbie Savanpanyadeth, whose car broke down in the emergency lane of US-19, so he pulled over to lend a hand. Moments later, an alleged drunk driver crossed into the emergency lane and struck both vehicles along with the drivers. Unfortunately, the collision was fatal for Somsack and Debbie. When our family heard the news, we were shocked and hysterical. Now the suspected drunk driver has been arrested and is set to serve trial. Leaving his wife Vassana Khamvongsa widowed and his two young sons, Richard and Ricky, with no father.


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