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 Why We Walk


Marlene Gloria Richards 

Home City: East Williston, NY  |  Crash Anniversary: September 3, 1991

“On September 3, 1991 my mom, Marlene Gloria Richards, was on her way to work at her bagel store around 5 a.m., when a drunk driver hit her head on. She was killed at the scene, at just 58 years old. My mom was co-owner of Belmont Bagels in Elmont, and was in the bagel business for 27 years, starting with my great grandfather. She owned bagel stores in Fresh Meadows, West Hempstead and Williston Park, and had recently opened Belmont Bagels. She was going to retire in a few years and enjoy life.  

My dad was left without his wife. My three sisters and I were left without our mother. My children, nieces and nephews were left without their grandmother. She didn’t get to meet her great grandchildren. All because one person made the decision to drink and drive. 

I have been an active participant in the Long Island Walk Like MADD, captaining team Gloria Babes. I enjoy going to the walk each year with my family, in memory of my beloved mom. A few years ago I joined the walk committee, and am currently the Logistics Chair. I know I am making a difference by my involvement in the walk, and by supporting all other MADD events. I encourage everyone to walk with my family in support of MADD's mission to help create a future of No More Victims®."

 - Michelle Richards