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 Why We Walk



"I have created team “Mother Mary” to honor the memory of my mother Mary Menkin who was killed by a drunk driver more than 30 years ago. My wife and I witnessed the event which as you can imagine was traumatic. I cannot begin to describe the incredible person Mary Menkin was but I can say with great assurance that she was remembered by all who knew her as a strong, honorable and very caring human being. 

Since my mother’s death I have been involved with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and for a period served as the president of the organization in Westchester county. My involvement with MADD has provided me with a good deal of support and has enabled me to see first hand the progress which MADD has made in reducing drunk driving deaths and incidences in this country. Your donation in support of the upcoming MADD fundraising march will be much appreciated."

      -Victor Menkin