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 Why We Walk

Rasul, Anila, Jannah, and Azaan Afzili


Home city:  West Sacramento, CA

Crash Date:  February 15, 2021


On February 15, 2021, Rasul Afzili, 37, and his wife Anila Afzili, 29 were  killed in a head-on crash caused by an alleged drunk driver.    Their children, Jannah (3) and Azaan (7 months)  were also in the car at the time of the crash and were injured.     The children not only suffered physical injuries, but they are now faced with a life without the parents who lovingly brought them into this world.    We Walk for the Afzili family and for all victims of drunk/impaired driving and hope that one day we will live in a world with NO MORE VICTIMS.