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Why We Walk


Kayla Whitney 

Home City: Kansas City, MO

Crash Anniversary: October 11, 2021

On October 11th 2021, Kayla Whitney had just left home with her 17-year-old boyfriend when she was killed due to his alleged impaired driving. The impaired driver was driving at a high rate of speed and hit a light pole near East 23rd Street and Wheeling Avenue. The impaired driver was hospitalized but Kayla died on the scene, only about a mile from her home. She was only twenty-two years old. The minor received a misdemeanor, Operating A Motor Vehicle In A Careless And Imprudent Manner, Involving An Accident.

Kayla was born on Mother’s Day, May 9th 1999. She was the love of her dad’s life. She is described as the voice of reasoning for the family. Kayla was surrounded with love; she loved her family and especially her niece and nephews, friends, and her dog Lucky. She strived to live life to the fullest and her laugh was contagious. Kayla had ambitions to go back to school, buy a house, and become an X-ray technician. She was a confident, strong, and beautiful young woman. A natural care giver. Her personality and positive energy could fill a room. Kayla is now resting with her grandma, who once said Kayla was the best gift she had ever gotten. Kayla will truly be missed by all who met her. “She was not just a daughter, a sister, she was our best friend. Anytime of the day or night she was always there”.

Kayla Whitney is gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.

The message here… “Slow down, you never know”.