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 Why We Walk

One of the goals of our Walk Like MADD events is to inspire and empower those effected by drunk and drugged driving. However, occasionally, MADD employees get to work with individuals (or cities) who inspire and empower us. To say that the City of Rialto and Mayor Pro Tem Ed Scott inspire us to keep working hard towards our mission of ending drunk and drugged driving would be an understatement. Mayor Pro Tem Scott’s son was tragically killed in a nitrous-involved car accident just one week after graduating high school in 2014. The driver of a vehicle Myles was riding in had lost consciousness after inhaling N2O as a recreational drug. Just three years after this 100% preventable crash the City of Rialto became the first city in the nation to pass an ordinance banning the sale or distribution of nitrous oxide in an effort to keep the inhalant out of the hands of young people and teens. Mayor Pro Tem Scott’s work hasn’t ended there, in May of this year Rialto became the first city in the country to formally support the Myles Edward Scott Act to address the illicit recreational use of nitrous oxide, after the City Council adopted a resolution in support of the legislation. For many years Mayor Pro Tem Scott and the City of Rialto have also hosted our annual fundraising event known as Walk Like MADD. Their efforts have allowed us to raise tens of thousands of dollars that stay right in the Inland Empire region to help prevent these senseless tragedies, educate our youth about the dangers of underage drinking, and advocate for those effected by this crime as we continue to work towards a future of No More Victims.