Hartford Walk Like MADD 2018

Join us on May 5, 2018

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MAY 5, 2018
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8:30 A.M. - 9:30 A.M. 
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10:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. 

We walk to create a future of No More Victims® 

On this 10th Anniversary of Walk Like MADD, we hope that you and thousands of others will rally together in over 90 cities around the nation to help create a future of No More Victims®. 

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Why We Walk:

The 2018 Hartford Walk Like MADD is in honor of Tayler Jimenez and Tina Crosby, sister and mother of Alexa Crosby who was tragically killed by a drunk driver on August 25, 2010.

Alexa's story in her mom Tina's words:

"In the early morning hours of August 25th 2010,I woke to a loud knocking on my front door.Two state troopers dressed in rain gear were waiting to let me know my WHOLE WORLD as i knew it was no longer. They asked if I was Alexa Crosby's mom. My heart sunk to the pit of my stomach! They had the daunting task of notifying me that Alexa died in a drunk driving crash involving a tractor trailer. It still seems unreal. Alexa always was a bright girl with her future layed out in front of her. She was on target to graduate early from high school and attend Bay Path for nursing. The driver of the vehicle that Alexa was the back seat passenger in, had been drinking. It took one bad decision by Alexa that altered life forevermore. The driver survived along with the front seat passenger. She was convicted of second degree manslaughter and  received a sentence of 13 months, suspended after serving 6 months in prison. Its been almost 8 years this August and I will continue to raise awareness through the loss of my sweet girl Alexa and Walk Like Madd."


Cookies For Alexa!

Receive a dozen chocolate chip cookies for a $10 donation to Team Alexa! 

For more information Contact the MADD Connecticut Office at 203-764-2566.

Pictured: (Left to Right) Tayler Jimenez, Johanna Krebs, Program Manager of MADD CT , Tina Crosby, Renee DiNino, and Chris Chaplin, Operations Manager of AMR Hartford/Northeast


A Mother's Story: Walk Like MADD May 5, 2018

Listen below to meet this strong and beautiful mother, Tina Crosby. Tina lost her daughter, Alexa, in 2010 due to a drunk driver. Since then, she has made it her mission to speak out and educate people all over CT and beyond about the dangers of drunk driving. Although it is a heart-breaking story, Tina and her other daughter Tayler have kept the memory of Alexa alive by sharing their story. Join them on May 5th at Xfinity Theatre in Hartford for the Walk like MADD event!



New This Year!

Show your team spirit with a team tent! This year each team will have the option of decorating their own team tent at the walk. We provide the space and table, you bring the tent and decorations. A small prize will be given to the team with the most creative tent. If you are interested in reserving a space for your team, please contact Michelle Chamberlain at 203-764-2566 or michelle.chamberlain@madd.org.

Team Nancylee's tent at the 2017 Tri-Town Walk Like MADD

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