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Why We Walk



Home City: Murrieta, CA

Crash Anniversary: April 22, 2021

Garret Caouette, from Murrieta, Ca.  passed away in a fatal car crash on Thursday April 22nd, 2021. He was happy to be on his way back to school when he was rear ended by a delivery truck driver while stopped in traffic.  The driver was charged and convicted of driving under the influence.  Garret had just turned 18 on April 2nd and was accepted into Cal State Channel Islands to pursue a degree in Ecology with a focus in marine biology. He enjoyed nature and adventure through his many experiences in hiking the national parks, zip lining, river rafting, and had just started the process to be become scuba-certified. He had interest in games and appreciated how they brought his friends and family closer. Garret’s other passions were reflected in his involvement with athletics competing in cross country, basketball, track, and field. Garret, along with his teammates, did not always reflect his success on the scoreboard. However, they understood that the game was about more than winning and losing. It was clear that Garret appraised himself and others on what really matters – character – rather than other worldly things we all get caught up in. It was without doubt that his involvement in church provided him with the excellent life compass he used for himself. His worldly success naturally followed doing things like running 3 miles in a little over 19 minutes. He was a fast kid whose life should not have ended so quickly. He was the kid who would offer to cook breakfast for his young nephew and did not have to be asked to help clean up after dinner out of love and respect for his parents. He was the brother whose goofiness' and quirkiness would always put a smile on your face.