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Why We Walk


Raymond McCarter Jr

Memorial Date: February 16, 2019

Home City: Bowie, Maryland (spent high school years in Sterling)

On February 16, 2019, at the age of 33, Raymond “Ray” McCarter Jr’s life was taken by a driver under the influence of alcohol traveling on the wrong side of the road of a highway. The impaired driver’s car struck Ray’s car in an offsetting head on collision. Ray was killed on impact due to the collision and the impaired driver survived. In addition, the impaired driver also had 3 prior DUI charges before the crash took place.

Ray was taken from his family abruptly at a young age. He was a husband, a father to two children, a son, a brother to one sibling, an uncle, and a friend to many. All round he was a person you enjoyed being around, he gave off this aura of positivity and charm that drew people to him. He was a model of a man that you would want to strive to be like. He had an infectious laugh that you could not help but laugh along with. Ray was also an athlete. He played football in college and professionally for indoor leagues, it was one of his many passions. He will forever be missed.