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Why We Walk



Crash Anniversary: June 28, 2021

AJ was a caring, kind, and loving young man who knew how to make friends easily and make people feel important and noticed. He was compassionate and always happy to help those in need. AJ was a vivacious young man, full of life and energy, and always ready for an adventure. He very much enjoyed playing sports such as football and basketball. AJ had a goofy side and would often times play pranks on family and friends.  On the night of June 28, 2021, AJ was killed when the impaired teenage driver of the vehicle he was in lost control and rolled the vehicle into a lake.  AJ's life was cut tragically short, his bright future stolen.  He is desperately missed by his mother, sisters, family, and friends. 

We walk to honor AJ and the life he should have lived, the future memories he should have been able to make.  We walk to remember and honor all those whose lives have been stolen and those who have been left to live with life changing injuries and trauma as the result of someone else's choice to get behind the wheel of a car and drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs.