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Why We Walk


Eaton Family 

Home City: Phoenix, AZ

I started walking for MADD, after I attended a Madd Banquet in Tucson in 2012 and heard a victim speak highly on how a Police Officer made her feel, when the Police Officer supported her during the whole process, due to her daughter being killed by an Impaired Driver. 

This made me want to do more than just DUI investigations. Before that, I never knew what happened with the suspects or victims or the outcome of cases. Hearing that victim’s story’s and hearing many more story’s at the MADD Walks is what motivates me to combat drinking and driver. I want the victims to know that I’m truly there for them and not just because I’m paid to serve. I continue to serve on my own time. 

Ernest Eaton #268

Detective/SRO/Motor Officer/Patrol Officer/F.T.O

Apache Junction Police Department